Mobile Home Transportation Information

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, come in different sizes and designs. They can be transported with the help of specially-adapted trucks and equipment. Are you curious to know more about this process?

Mobile home transportation is a complex project that must be carefully planned. It requires paying certain fees. Some mobile home parks even have their own rules when it comes to their moving. Doing an up front search before you hire a good company is necessary. Its crew must be aware of all the specific features of a project of this scope. They ought to know how to safely disconnect all mobile home’s utilities first and then, hook it to a tractor trailer ready to go. Another important aspect of this process is how to preserve its exterior and interior. Qualified and experienced companies get the job done by accurately detaching them from the ground, jacking them up to trucks’ axels, and transporting them in a timely and safe manner. Additionally, moving staff will do their best to protect your home’s internal features, like lighting, windows, glass, cabinets, and furniture.

When you are planning such a project, turn to A Thru Z Mobile Home Service. We are based in Carleton, MI and will serve you with integrity and attention to detail.